Special  Events 2016

The Art of Parenting presents its anti-bullying course: 

Procrustes was  a bully who cut people down so they'd fit in his bed. It is not only this ancient brigand who did this. There are actually people who bully even today! They are usually you and me.

Our courses are about the bully-victim dynamic in us all and how to use it    constructively 

specific courses designed for


                                 Children 5-9, 

                                 Children 10- 13. 

All are designed for Adults. You may wish to take the course without involving your child and then introduce and teach it yourself. You keep the course for your own. You may wish to do the study as a whole family. 

Authors: Joan Sousae, Andrea Siebert & Frederica Ware designed segments of the course for families, teachers, and school administrators. Courses are Skyped or Facetimed. They can be fitted to your needs. 

A typical course includes eight hours of instruction for two parents and up to two children. Additional optional phone conversations in support of your learning are $5 apiece and may be scheduled as needed. You may include a teacher or other parent figure in the process at no extra charge.

cost $800.

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