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Kind of long for a blog! But the topic is up.

Dear friends, just so as you know, none of my energy work done in public places has any physical effects attached to it. Personal work in private may sometimes be intense and I encourage people on those occasions to get extra rest. For better or worse, the evolving and “shifting” as we call it, is not any part of what I do. I have long ago become aware that all shifting and changing depends on the decision of the individual, not on anyone else’s energetic work. When we approach a work topic we do it for greater happiness and balance.


I am not a medical practitioner and work strictly with the metamorphic aspects of our being as they are designed in the fields of intention, purpose, love, mysticism, and creativity. The ways this work may impact the body are only as healing and that is usually pretty subtle. My work has been experienced as supporting healing, or part of decision making in the process of healing, occasionally someone who has been working with traditional health providers, as well as with me, has experienced entire remission of symptoms or disease. 

It is important to remember that while all mental work for change and study can be tiring, no one becomes ill from energy work. There can be some confusion about this as energetic output can have powerful effects. I myself have experienced psychic attacks, due to the population with which I was working at a given time, but those are relatively rare, emanate from malicious intent, and are very different from our usual illnesses. All this, though, made me remember some instruction I received a long time ago and I will enclose it here.



On Self-Care


Kathleen Taylor is a counselor with whom I work. A few years ago I was dealing with some hostile people who had done me harm. Kathleen termed my resolution to refuse all relationship with them, a part of good “self-care.”  I was unfamiliar with the term and decided to study the idea carefully. It seemed I needed to!


The first thing I thought about in terms of my self-care were the healing modalities provided by so many wonderful people I know. There are of course the traditional counselors like Kathleen Taylor and her husband Doug, and Kay Porter, who does EMT work. Some others were shaman like Karuna Gatton, Alida Burch, Anne Hatfield & Stuart Dole. Massage therapists I knew and traditional counselors, as well,  often combine the metaphysical and the physical in caring for us and themselves. My wonderful Buddhist healer Cheryl, and the healing instructor, Machelle Wright, work much as shaman do. All of these folks learned the differences between the physical and the metaphysical experiences largely due to their practices. However it occurred to me that it is not always so clear to all of us, and that questions arise in regard to the things we are experiencing. I was asking at that time for more clarity.


At the time Mark Dunn was “reading my soul” over the phone. We had a funny conversation and laughed a great deal. What we were talking about however was a bit stressful. At the time he saw that I was going to go, if I chose, through a substantial transformation. Mark has over many years experienced some pretty amazing and challenging changes some that have left him physically exhausted. It is not unusual for our normal symptoms to act up when we are making an effort to change any part of our lives, but what he and Richard Bartlett have experienced is pretty demanding stuff. So I said I was going to ask the guides who were willing to conduct this strenuous growth, if I decided to do it, if it could be managed in a way that would allow me to take care of myself more easily than Mark and Richard had. Naturally as a single person, who needed to be fully employed, I was taking stock of just what I could take on.



I was told that, “Yes that can be managed.” I could not however know the details of the journey as it depended largely on what I chose to do along the way. First of all they took me through a small preview, an experience of death and after death. It gave me some perspective and opened my eyes to a greater field of study.


Secondly, they made it clear that no one of us ever has to go through such a growth acceleration unless we want to.


The third thing was gratitude. Mark had pointed out how lucky we, all of us, are to have had so many people go before us into the evolving process so that we are able to grow in this way. When I decided to go through the “hellatious” process that lay before me I experienced the gratitude of my guides and companions in spirit. That part was pretty unforgettable.


They assured me that I could not imagine ahead of time what was going to happen to me, even as we cannot do so before we are born or die. (Note I do not say “reassured me”)


Then the guide I mostly work with said:

“Body is the locus of the grand event your life. Within your cells the music and gesture of eternity keeps being played out. This is a most exciting dynamic to discover because it is the root of joy and well-being. All the work you do for bodily healing effects the whole being.”


“Your finite mind is the recorder of who and what you think you are; its continuity with eternal mind is what leads you to look for truth the way divers look for pearls. You will meet each person at the point of his or her own perspective.”


“Creativity is the will to interact with life. It affects your levels of drive, commitment to your desires and the wisdom of your choices; it is your guide to the most authentic living you can experience.  You are becoming more and more dedicated to supporting the integrity of creative choices.”


“Love is the fabric of all being. Learning how to release resistance to it is the job of life. The core of your work is realignment with love through transformation of beliefs and decisions whose origins lie in unresolved emotion.”


“What you call mystical refers to the fact that everyone journeys alone, but in unseen companies. Your true companionship can only be fully appreciated after you have done this life. Yet this life and this death, as you have seen, are all of a piece and cannot be separated from the whole experience of eternal change.”


“Going through this change will bring you into clarity, and as Mark mentioned beyond the grasp of doubt. It will be easy for you to use doubts that do arise as signals.”


After I’d been so generously instructed I had the gall to ask, “Why is it so difficult, and will it involve illness or disability?”

Patiently answering me he said: 

“Question 1: It’s as difficult as birth or death, but remember you are choosing this ordeal. It is so difficult because the cosmology that you have assembled is bound to be ‘mistaken’ or ‘confused.’  You are letting it all go. The clarity you are asking for can only come with systemic changes some physical, but more mental and mystical. This growing and learning will turn everything you suppose upside down. In your case it will take longer because it is meted out more slowly than your friend’s journey, so that you can withstand it.”


“Question 2: No illness or disability, but the need to listen to guidance and to follow your agreements with us. Sometimes you will need extra rest; do not forget this. Rest and relaxation will make it easier for you to complete the process. Some people do experience great disability, like John Muir’s blindness, for example, but not all have such exacting tasks. Everyone’s commitment and everyone’s journey is as different as footprint from footprint.”




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